Wednesday, March 23, 2011

oh songs these days....

     so malaysia just bought pretty boy swag by soulja boy (the clean version dont worry)  so yeah me and malaysia can often be found singing ghetto black music just cuz you know, we're black and no one else here is and we miss the rickey smiley morning show 104.1 cuz they def dont have stations like that out here =] annnnywayyyyys so yeah she bought this song, it is often one of the ones that we sing, and we were listening to it and she brought up the fact that it sounds like he's out of breath the whole time, and it does hahaha. if you've heard the song you know what im talking about and if you havent you should just take my word for it since its not really the type of song i would recommend to people.  but yeah it totally sounds like the guy just got done doing a triathlon that ended at the studio and he bust in all like:
    " guys...i here...ok...lets roll it...."
    "this...right my...swag...pretty...boy...swag...pretty...boy...swag...."
    "oh just so...out of breath...nah nah...lets just keep it...we'll just do...the rest of the song like that..."
     hahaha yeah thats how the recording went im sure. well yeah anyways it was just a funny thought that i enjoyed, and really thats all that matters right? =] peace and blessings, peace and blessings. oh and a side on earth did he sing this song without passing out??? just reading this post out loud to malaysia is making me lightheaded hahaha

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