Wednesday, March 23, 2011

seriously?? haha these people slay me...

     ok so apparently it has become really popular for little 11/12ish year old white girls to make music videos and past them on youtube for the whole world to see...this is the stupidest thing ever.  one, none of these girls can sing and they sounds horrible. two, they're like 3 years old. no one wants to watch a video of a bunch of children dressed like skank a danks jumping around pretending that they're old enough to drive cars and party. annnnnnndddd i forgot number three. haah oh well anyways ive posted some of these videos below for your enjoyment. im sure you've heard of rebecca black and her friday song by now, dont worry shes on here along, and the others are just as bad. oh and be sure to look for the token black guy in the middle/towards the end of each one, apparently thats a requirement for teeny bopper videos. hahaha seriously these things are a riot. enjoy! =]

of course we have rebecca black, queen of the horrible tween girl videos, to start us off:

next is this girl, abby victor, who likes to sing all about her crush...but we never actually see the guy. maybe its the black guy! and her parents are racist so she cant tell anyone! yeah thats it... =]

and last but not least theres Jenna Rose with 'my jeans'.... personally i feel like this is the most disturbing of all of them:


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