Thursday, March 3, 2011

sweat count

    jessica brought this to my attention yesterday.  you guys of course already know that ive been keeping count of the number of beards/staches that i see on campus and of course i make note of all the black people i see around (they just make me happy. once i saw a black couple and it just made my soul take flight that they had found each other haha).  but ive decided to start another running tally here; the number of girls seen around campus wearing sweatpants.
     jessica brought this up in her email to her family yesterday.  she was talking about how no one here on byu campus wears sweats ever, and as i was reading this i realized that it was so true.  i think this whole year ive seen like two girls (not counting myself) wearing sweatpants on campus. and everytime i do wear sweatpants (which really isnt that often, shocking i know) i feel like the biggest bum in creation.  i mean i know this is byu and everything but honestly i dont know how all the girls here do it, getting up and walking out of their apartments lookin like they're about to meet their eternal companions right that second day in and day out.  im all for lookin good i guess but really every now and then (aka a lot of the time) i get up too late to do anything spectacular/look WOW!...seriously these girls all deserve major props to their dedication to making sure that each and every single guy they pass on campus never sees them lookin anything less than ah-mazing, just in case they're the one to take them to the temple...hahaha
      so yeah as of right now the sweatpants count is at 2. cant wait to see how many more i'll see by the end of the bet is 3 tops. =]

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